IRON MASS 7000 g

Iron Mass 20 is intended especially for athletes engaging in strength and strength-endurance sports wanting to supplement their diet with whole proteins of animal origin, slowly absorbed complex carbohydrates and vitamins. Iron Mass 20 is characterised by high nutritive value, excellent digestibility and thick, creamy texture with pleasant taste and smell.

Available flavors: chocolate, vanilla, cookie, bubble gum.

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Qualitative composition including active substances Amount per serving 100 g daily value in % RDI*
energy value 348 kcal / 1457 kJ -
fat 3 g -
including saturated fatty acids / 1 g -
carbohydrates 60 g -
including simple sugars 6 g -
proteins 21 g -
dietary fibre 3 g -
sodium 350 mg -
vitamin C 70 mg 90%
potassium 65 mg -
calcium 63 mg -
cholesterol 45 mg -
vitamin B3 8,8 mg 73%
vitamin E 6,6 mg 66%
vitamin B1 0,715 mg 36%
vitamin B2 0,91 mg 42%
vitamin B6 0,84 mg 38%
folic acid 0,22 mg 36%
pantothenic acid 0,6 mg 12%
vitamin B12 162,5 µg 54%
biotin 27,5 µg 90%
* RDI – Reference Daily Intake in %


Type of amino acid Weight in grams per 100 g of product
alanine 1,03 g
arginine 0,58 g
aspartic acid 2,43 g
cysteine 0,64 g
glutamic acid 3,73 g
glycine 0,38 g
histidine 0,48 g
isoleucine 1,2 g
leucine 2,57 g
lysine 2,2 g
methionine 0,5 g
phenylalanine 0,8 g
proline 1,1 g
serine 0,96 g
threonine 1,08 g
tryptophan 0,52 g
tyrosine 0,72 g
valine 1,07 g


Low sugar maltodextrin, microfiltered whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, milk protein concentrate, thickening substances: guar gum, xanthan gum, sweeteners: sodium saccharin, sucralose, vanilla extract for vanilla flavor, tiramisu flavor to the taste of tiramisu, premix containing vitamins, contains sweeteners.


Dissolve a portion (100 g) that equals to three full measuring cups of the product, in 400ml of milk or water. Consume two servings a day immediately after preparation. On a training day consume one serving in the morning after breakfast, two servings immediately after the training. On a day off from training, consume one portion of the product after breakfast, two servings a day between meals. NOTE: DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DAILY INTAKE (100 g).