OMEGA 3 90caps


Polyunsaturated fatty acids have gained many enthusiasts recently, both among health care providers and pharmacists and among many sportsmen. What is the key behind their effect and why you should choose OMEGA 3 IHS Technology? Omega-3 fatty acids contained in the product participate in numerous important processes in our body. These support heart functioning and protect circulatory system and lower LDL cholesterol and triglicerydes level, excessive amount of which may be caused among other, by poor diet. Omega-3 protect also the nervous system by supporting brain and CNS functioning, thanks to which your body will recover faster after intense workout and be less susceptible to stress and psychical burden experienced by each sportsman. Speaking about resistance – omega-3 fatty acids are also responsible for proper functioning of our immunological system. These prevent occurrence of cancerogens and harmful metabolic products. Therefore it is worth to think about taking care of our body, exposed day after day on multiple agents degrading our muscle tissue and other cells. If your diet is poor in fish, if you avoid vegetable fats, start supplementation with OMEGA 3 IHS Technology today. You will be surprised, you fast your body will pay you back.


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