When we created our first supplements in 2010, we already knew that we were participating in creating something unique. Each can, each pack,

each bag, capsule or tablet are thought out through and through. Our precision in the selection of ingredients and the perfection of the composition

are just an extra on top of our mission of designing supplements of the highest quality. What makes us different from the competition? First of all,

the highest quality of our products, resulting from the best, constantly verified and controlled in laboratory tests materials. But also something

that allows us to continually develop and follow the expectations of our customers – working with professional athletes from many sports whose

requirements determine the concept of innovation of the formulas we use. It is thanks to them – and to every drop of sweat that they pay for

their workouts with – be it on the mat, in the ring, in the gym or on the pitch – it is thanks to them that we are able to constantly improve our

supplements. And all this — for you. So you can train like never before, harder and with better results. So you can get closer to the best performers

– like never before.


Our products are made under the supervision of specialists, not only during the design process. The production process is strictly controlled by

us and run according to the strictest standards, because we know that only a complete professionalism is a guarantee of absolute success. That is

why our products have specialised certificates we have achieved by complying with all the necessary standards.


Not just the production process is subject to our strict control. We also make sure that the raw materials from which we create our supplements

are of the highest quality. That’s why our specialists constantly check our suppliers and allow only materials of the highest quality with all the

necessary permits and certificates to be used. That’s why every component of our supplementary artworks plays an important role, and our

customers can feel its effects on their bodies.