Marcin Tybura is one of the best Polish heaveweight MMA fighters. In his five-year professional career, he recorded as many as 14 wins and only 2 failures, so he aspires to become one of the best fighter of their weight. Debuting in 2011, he won the Polish Championship MMA, started a wave of victories, and in 2014-2015 Marcin was a master of the Organization M-1. He has been associated with the federation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship since 2016. Unsuccessful debut in the UFC went into oblivion soon, once he won the next battle in spectacular fashion, earning an extra bonus for the evening performance. His calm disposition and avoiding publicity in the media make an impression that he is firmly distanced of his fans, however with longer follow-up is impossible not to notice serenity combined with great strength of character. These features are support for the will to fight, which Marcin shows during each fight, winning often with more experienced fighters.